Star Wars – An on-going Brand Communication Legacy

May the Force of Brand Association be with You.
Brand association with movies is nothing new, but it seems the allure of the Star Wars film franchise just never gets tired. Sports and fashion shoe brand adidas are today launching the latest range of kicks and apparel from adidas Originals and Star Wars. I’m not sure whether Star Wars is lending adidas the cred, or whether it’s the other way around, but in a semi-dorky, sci-fi, eighties kind of chic way, the whole brand partnership works for me.  The new range is in adidas Originals stores and Hype DC, nationally from today. We’ve scored a sneak peek at the campaign photography shoot – check the pics out here before they hit the stores.

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The latest campaign will go through the line with this sweet collection of Star Wars inspired product photography to be used in-store at point of sale , through their on-line and off-line marketing, promotions and brand communications. The photographs provide a rich canvas for adidas’ brand storytelling.

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The launch in Australia follows the successful campaign out of the US from earlier this year, and the even more lateral adidas, Star Wars, World Cup campaign.

Having outstanding campaign photography needs to be a critical component of every brand communication campaign. Clients continue to shy away from the expense of original photographic shoots, but in so-doing are fore-going the valuable brand visual property that this kind of photography can deliver them. When created from the heart of the brand essence, strong original photographic content provides the launching pad for the full suite of integrated marketing and brand communications. This expense needs to be seen as an investment with great potential for return through wide-ranging use and not as an expense best cut from the budget.

If you you’d like your brand to have a greater stand-put presence in your market, get in touch and we can talk about the role of great original photography in helping you achieve your goal.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. Dave I agree that investing in great photography at the beginning of any project is a critical component to brand communication. So many times brands fall back on ‘stock’ photography and so many times it is the stock photography that lets the brand down. To all the brands out there to unorganised/lazy or “budget” minded, do a photoshoot, it is never a waste of money.

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for your comment. There’s no doubt that when a photo shoot is done well it creates a powerful tool fro brand communication and becomes a brand asset. It’s the role of marketers and brand designers to make sure brand owners understand that.

  3. It’s always a challenge for clients to see past the short term costs of a good photo shoot and realise the long term benefits of having an on brand image library that supports every brand message rather than undermining it.

  4. What I like most about this campaign is how adidas has taken inspiration from the characters and scenes in star wars and interpreted them through their shoes. It is a great extension of culture, referencing pop culture and pulling these ideas into a new space. There is a lot of, but whys? going through my head, but I love the fact they can be answered with a lot of, just coz.

  5. Thanks Alen,
    Not sue I can agree with you though. I think the adidas guys are pretty astute at pickling brands (like Star Wars) that hit just the right note with their target market. The fact the brand alliance is a little off-center is what makes it interesting. I’d love to hear if the campaign was a success or not.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Adesh. Whilst image manipulation has become more and more common, it cannot alone create ‘great’ images. The ‘greatness’ comes from an idea and a vision – image manipulation can only provide a ‘great’ means to achieving that vision.

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