The Australia Project

The Australia Project is a series of creative initiatives aimed at examining the Australian identity. Engaging prominent Australian creatives and the general public alike, the project provokes debate regarding contemporary Australian culture. The concept was developed by Chris Edser, Scott Heinrich and Yianni Hill and was setup to spark debate about Australia’s national identity. The project invited local creatives to participate and contributors included prominent artists, designers, illustrators, musicians, writers, photographers and filmmakers.

Some discussion points that participants could start from were as follows;

Contemporary Issues
What is your stance on Immigration? Has Australia done enough to fight climate change? Are we really sorry? To what extent does Racism exist today and why? Sport, colonisation, religion, politics and more are discussed here.

Local Environment
Do you think the vastness and spatial qualities of the Australian landscape are reflected in our contemporary visual culture? If not, why? Do we still look abroad in search of inspiration? How does your immediate environment influence your aesthetic or process?

Contemporary Emotions
What is the emotional status of contemporary Australia? How do we feel as a collective? Do we feel free? Do we still laugh at ourselves? Are we afraid of foreign threats? What does it mean to be ‘lucky’? Are we mourning a loss? or embracing the future?

Here at Truly Deeply we love being involved in projects that push the boundaries of social thinking. I was lucky enough to submit something for the project, here is my response;

Title: Egalitarianism/Racism?

To date there have been many submissions made that are definitely worth taking the time to have a look at. Here is a snapshot of some of the great creative work that is found at the Australia Project site.

The Inaugural Australia Project Exhibition took place in April at the C3 Contemporary Artspace in Abbotsford, Melbourne. View photos here. The exhibition is currently on the road and at the moment is being shown at the Icrograda Design Week in Brisbane.

The Australian Project is a great exhibition, if you have the chance to have a look it is well worth it.

Tim Wood
Design Creative


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