The Johnny Cash Project

Building online communities is one thing all modern brands strive for. I came across this project and it is one of the first things that I have actively contributed to online. This is the Johnny Cash project, a global art collaboration. This project created by artist Aaron Koblin unites Johnny Cash fans across the world by inviting them to draw a frame for his music video ‘Ain’t No Grave’.

The film as a whole has a beautiful, rustic feel, and is amazing to watch in its own right. You can explore the film on a number of setting, most brush strokes per frames, or realistic frames, each different variable giving a different feel while telling the same story. As more people contribute to the project, the living portrait Johnny Cash will continue to transform and evolve. Here is a video of the film, but to explore the film, the artists and the different stories visit The Johnny Cash Project.

This is my contribution to the film, one frame, 1/24th of a second in length, a bleep in the film, but a huge feeling of satisfaction and ownership. I have just invested in creating part of a Johnny Cash music video. It has also given me an opportunity to contribute to, all be it in a small way to pop culture.

User generated content allows brands to form deep connections with their audience, creating a sense of ownership and pride. Mix this with fresh creative thinking and the results can be a powerful, thought provoking experience, that builds ownership in a lasting and emotional way.

If you would like to take your brand to a truly, deeper emotional level, get in contact.


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