A Brand Experience With A Difference: Post Script

Two days ago we published a blog championing the ingenuity of a brand experience around the party bike or beer bike in Germany. I had recently observed the phenomenon in two German cities ( see A brand experience with a difference! ) and the obvious fun it was generating. A great concept for a beer brand, but as we said, never likely to get up in Victoria, Australia, because of the high levels of Government regulation.

Today I open our daily newspaper, The Age, and read an article from the Guardian informing the world that the brakes have been applied to the liquid bike. A German court has issued a clampdown on the beer bikes, branding them dangerous and a nuisance to others on the road. Complainants maintain that the bikes caused traffic jams, which intensified the longer the journey lasted (yes, the more the revellers drank the more their pedal power reduced!).

Given that the bikes have been rented no fewer than 150,000 times this year, with a minimum rental of 2 hours and fee of $A400, I suggest that the operator BierBike needs to becoming up with plan B pretty fast. Being the imaginative crew that we are, we suggest that the second half of the route should be all down hill! Cruising with a great set of brakes, easy. Every other dimension seems to have been well thought out, from the restriction of 10 litres of beer an hour to the regulation toilet stops, so surely the German’s can find a way around this little (traffic) jam!

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist


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