A mark of colour love

In our lives as brand designers we spend alot of time and energy watching how brands express themselves around the world. Others view these advertisements as a visual intrusion; an abrupt, unwanted diversion from our otherwise cohesive cityscapes. For the last 25 years French artist OX has been taking over outdoor advertising in an effort to eliminate or melt the barriers between the ad frame and public space. OX goes beyond removing the landscape of corporate logos instead melding the billboards with their surroundings
and leaving a mark of color love.

OX pastes collages or bold minimalist shapes over billboards creating new colorful statements. The work moves beyond the common practice of simply appropriating public space for the proliferation of personally meaningful marks or imagery, by incorporating elements of the environment into the language of the piece itself. The status of the commandeered public space is elevated from that of mere canvas to an object of art — the viewer graduates from witness to participant, completing the work by observing it. The work encourages an personal experience of itself and oneself in a way that no mural or tag can. It’s really a beautifully refined take on urban street art.

If you’d like to talk to some people who spend way too much of their life eating, sleeping, thinking about colour
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Cassandra Gill
Director of Design.


  1. Cass, I love these projects I’ve never seen OX’s work before but he has such a strong sense of colour. The way he uses the outdoor canvases is a fascinating space somewhere between art and brand communication. Love it.

  2. This is truly a mark of colour love. I agree with you Cassie that the work is elevated above the usual street art to an object of art. It is important with OX’s work to appreciate the mere simplicity and beauty of it. Truly memorable!

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