Banksy. A brand voice rich in storytelling

Your brand voice should never be random. It should communicate powerfully and coherently a brand position that is true to your brand’s DNA. Bansky as most of us have seen, is the master of rich storytelling. Changing the messaging of something we are used to seeing makes Banksy’s brand voice ever so creative and powerful.

Bansky’s brand voice communicates by;

– Utilising the grey and lifeless plain urban landscape,

– All his pieces are observational urban installations that you understand straight away,

– His work is a social commentary, he is not telling the news, he encourages thought and discussion.

His juxtaposition of image and language has the ability to convey whole new meaning and stir real emotion. He has the capacity to make something very special out of what was before very ordinary.

Here at Truly Deeply we love to celebrate and showcase creative expressions of storytelling. I came across Banksy’s top 12 pieces for 2010 and had to share, enjoy.

12.) San Francisco

11.) Los Angeles

10.) Toronto

9.) San Francisco

8.) Boston

7.) Alcatraz

6.) Dumbo, New York

5.) San Francisco

4.) San Francisco

3.) Detroit

2.) Toronto

1.) Ground Zero

Tim Wood
Creative Designer

Images found at My Modern Metropolis


    • Hi Banksy, great to have your feedback. By its true definition we’re all our own brands, we all stand for something in the minds of those who come into contact with us. Your response is a natural, understandable and perfectly expressed reflection of your own brand.

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