A lesson in Brand Communications from the Grand Master Jimmy McMillan

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There’s one thing all great brands know about – and that’s the power a single minded brand message. I’m not an avid follower of the US political system, but even from the other side of the world it’s been impossible not to notice Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is too Damn High Party. Check the video after the jump.

Jimmy’s not only one cool cat (enough to get my vote over most of the politicians we tend to turn up here in Australia) but he also understands the power of having one, simple, strong message.

With a growing cult following, our man Jimmy Mac is a golden example of clear brand communication – go jimmy go.

I’ll leave the final word to youtube commenter meknewxenu :

Six reasons to vote for Jimmy McMillan of the Rent too damn high´╗┐ party.

1 – Epic facial hair.

2 – He can hear children’s stomachs growling from miles away.

3 – I’ll vote for anybody that can start a sentence “As a Karate Expert”.

4 – He wears awesome black gloves.

5 – I believe he is the only many alive that can beat Chuck Norris in a cage match.

6 – The rent is really too damn high!
Spotted by our ‘Man in Washington’ and Design Director at Truly Deeply, Derek Carroll – Nice one D.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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