Brand Voice. Saying it, like it is!

I’m loving this ad from the New York City Health Department. Apart from really nailing the issues with soft drinks and juices. It’s a great example of a location brand voice ringing true in a communication. Clear, no-nonence, to the point, current and stylish but with a wit and spirit that’s very New York. See the full ad after the jump…

You'd never EAT 16 packs of sugar. Still from NYC Health TVC

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Derek Carroll
Director of Design

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  1. Nice one Derek, I haven’t seen these before. You make a good point – most of the brand communication discussion around brand voice and story-telling focuses on the brands with extreme (usually cheeky) brand personalities (like Grill’d Burgers here in Australia: Finding examples of more main stream brands who can still create a sense of authentic personality with their brand voice is a tougher ask – and I reckon you’ve found a good one here. Nice.

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