The Simpsons Vs Banksy, an Inspired Brand Partnership.

Love This
If you haven’t seen this intro created for the Simpsons by UK artist Banksy, check it out – it’ll be well worth the 5 minutes.


  1. What a wonderful collaboration. I love the fact that The Simpsons seem to have almost gone against their own brand to present ideas that are possibly closer to the truth than we would like to admit.

    Dave who do you think this makes looks better, The Simpsons or Bansky?

  2. I reckon you’ve hit this right on the head Lachlan. In the true spirit of creative collaboration, it appears the Simpsons have allowed banksy to say whatever it is he wishes to say – even though it touches on some commercial sore-points for them and for Fox. On the surface this appears to be a more beneficial play for Banksy. However, the integrity with which the Simpsons producers have shown towards creativity also delivers another layer of authenticity and appreciation for the Simpsons brand for being brave enough to do this. A true win-win, but in the end I think this is actually a greater brand strategy for the Simpsons than for Banksy – even though maybe not obvious at first.

  3. It’s reminiscent (although not nearly on the same scale) as many of the self deprecating jokes the Simpsons have made on their part throughout their existence; with constant jibes at Fox and so forth.

    The Simpsons are known for their perfect execution of sensationalised comedy. I’d say a slightly deeper dip of the toe than they’ve done in the past, but not exactly outside of their repertoire.

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