We Love a Unique Design Twist – Livraria ad Vila

Love architecture? Love interior design? Love bookshops? What about ones that have a truly unique design twist? Then check this bookshop out!

Livraria da Vila which is Portuguese for ‘bookstore of the village’ is a unique bookstore designed by Isay Weinfeild Architects located in a refurbished house in Sao PauloBrazil. This bookshop amongst other things pushes innovation, design and modernity to the next step – just take a look the revolving bookshelf facade that of course is the entry.

The bookstore is distributed over three levels with the ground floor being taken by general literature, the first floor is all about music, movies CDs and DVDs (along with a 40-seat café) and finally, the basement is reserved for children’s books and a small auditorium, where classes, lectures and readings take place. One other interesting element to this incredible design are the voids connecting one floor to the next that invariably invite customers to enter, explore the store and ultimately make the desired purchase.

Below is some of the interview from the architects themselves;

“We believe that in a commercial venue a project must always be developed so to enhance the product, its in-store merchandising and its sales. There are of course several ways to achieve these goals but we, in particular, strive for solutions that will allow customers to experience the product as comfortably as possible.

In the case of Livraria da Vila bookstore, such comfort is translated into the composition of low-ceiling spaces, dark tones, indirect lighting and infinite shelves – arranged in careful disarray – covering all walls to the ceiling.

One enters the store between pivoting bookcases encased in glass – part door, part window, part bookcase – and whichever direction one looks at there are books and an unpretentious feel, reminding that of used-book stores and making customers at ease to browse the shelves for the titles they want, to leaf through or even read them in the couches and easy chairs scattered around the multiple stories.”

Coming across this type of design and architecture (unfortunately online and not in the flesh) excites the lot of us and makes me always wonder, what other unique ideas will we see in the next few minutes, hours, days, weeks and years so why not give us a call and we’ll put a unique design twist on your brand.

Photography by: Leonardo Finotti

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