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brand identity agencyLets face it, the world would be a much cooler looking place if we just all stood back and let the designers do their thing.

Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have created the Hovding, an airbag collar designed to provide a safe and much more style friendly alternative to the bike helmet.

Designed to wrap around the cyclist’s neck like a scarf, the Hovding (which is Swedish for ‘Chieftain’) will deploy an airbag in the form of a hood when its built-in sensors detect a potential head impact.

The sensors are able to detect an over-the-handlebars accident, a rear impact, and even if the rider simply falls off the bike sideways (otherwise known as the ‘ride home from the pub impact’).

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The stylishly smart Hövding can tell the difference between falling from a bike and bending over to tie a shoelace.

The Chieftain will surely be a huge hit when it goes on sale in style conscious Europe next year, where they’ll expect to sell for around 350 Euros.

Stylish and smart – reminds us alot of ourselves.


  1. Wow, that is very innovative. As a daily bike rider, at first I thought this was a bit silly, but knowing how rare it is that you fall off and need to make use of your helmet I now see the genius, and it is these sorts of insights that designers can discover.

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