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Not an original Brand Story
Following-on from the viral video of Federer knocking a can off someone’s head William Tell style, the ever-popular Pat Rafter takes it one better. Which raises the question; Does a brand story need to be original for it to be effective? Does ‘taking the piss’ beat coming up with a fresh idea in the first place? With 80,000+ hits on you tube already it looks like a shirtless Pat with his rafter charm might have done the trick. Although I’d have love to have seen how popular this could have been with a fresh stunt.  Check the video after the jump.

If you haven’t seen the original, click here to check it.


  1. Love this. How different are the two personal brands – Rafter and Federer’s – but both have huge Charisma. Make’s me think about which brands would best align themselves with the different personas of these stars.

  2. I think ‘taking the piss’ can be just as effective. People love context, and they love to be ‘in the know’, I mean this vid just looks silly if you haven’t seen the Federer video. “I taught him everything he knows” love it.

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