I'm Here, An Absolut Short Film By Spike Jonze

I’m Here is a 30-minute short film about a love story between two robots, written and Directed by Spike Jonze. The sad-eyed robot librarian Sheldon (Andrew Garfield) leads a lonely and methodical life, until he, one day, he meets Francesca, a creative and free-spirited female robot (played by Sienna Guillory). Robot romance develops and the story is just as beautiful as it is unpredictable.

Absolut Vodka collaborated with Spike Jonze to bring ‘I’m Here’ to a  global audience by re-creating the cinema experience online, by limiting the amount of (tickets) viewings to 20,000 per day and linking into social media so the film can be watched online with friends, a terrifically great idea in its own right.

Absolut Vodka’s involvement in the project is wonderfully understated. The short film is devoid of Absolut advertisements or product placement. Brands are complex beings and this type of soft brand association will give Absolut long-lasting cultural significance long after the hype of the film has passed. As Anna Malmhake, Vice President Global Marketing, at Absolut explains, “I’m Here marks an evolution of our longstanding commitment to creativity, and I am incredibly proud to make this film available to a global online audience. Spike Jonze has made a magical short film, which takes our creative collaborations to new heights. We could have done a commercial or a print campaign, but this is so much more interesting. And much more ABSOLUT.”

Absolut have approached their involvement with Spike Jonze from a sensitive and culturally aware position, that will pay dividends to the Absolut brand equity for many years to come. It also reminds us how all brands need to think about the need for instant gratification and slow burning cultural impact to build a holistic and lasting brand.

Here is the trailer for the short, but it is definitely worth watching this amazing film and noting the Absolut partnership, get your online tickets at www.imheremovie.com

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Lachlan “Vodka Anyone?” McDougall
Design Creative


  1. Lachlan, What a highly sophisticated brand gesture. As these influential brands lead the way through more and more sophisticated ways of connecting indelibly with their audience, surely the only people left still asking that question ‘but how does that benefit the brand?’ are the ones left managing brands with diminishing equity. Absolut have proven themselves again to be the masters of brand communication and the integrated brand campaign.
    Thanks for spotting this subtle brand gesture and making your point so eloquently.

  2. Great example of brand leadership. It also raises the challenges for brands that do not have the resources that an Absolut has.
    New media is a wonderfully democratic medium on the surface, but it is becoming increasingly challenging to create content that has a ‘wow’ factor.

  3. Hi David, excellent comment, I couldn’t agree more. As our relationship with brands change, brands must change with them. The Absolut brand will be around for many years to come with this type of innovative thinking.

  4. Derek, that’s what I loved most about this partnership. Absolut has given the film the space that it needs. It allows us to watch the film, discuss the film, without the brands involvement becoming a sticking point. And a large part of successful brands is how they connect with people and keep these people in favor.

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