Know my phone…..know me

Mobile phones have come a long way from where they started. Back in the early days you felt good if you got 30 minutes call time out of the brick in your hand, now we can’t put them down and we’re disappointed if we can’t watch the latest YouTube video or google a recipe for the perfect batter.

Nearly 60% of the global population, or 4 billion people, now own a mobile phone and the myriad of functions installed as standard, or downloaded, provide us with a reason to use our phones all day every day.

With a choice of delivery routes such as SMS, MMS, E-mail, IVP, Internet, Mobile web and Bluetooth to name but a few and  below that  Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Skype etc…..if you want to get to know someone in the early 21st century there is no better way than to look at how they have configured their phone and how they use it.

But of course its not that simple. The customer has to grant you access to their world and want to communicate with you. The phone is just one of the new channels of modern communication, but it demonstrates perfectly the fundamental change that has happened in the world of marketing communications in the last 20 years. The number of ways to communicate has increased exponentially. We live in a world of multiple media, each form fulfilling the needs of one group or another.

And critically, today it’s no longer good enough to throw millions of $ into an ad campaign and then mass broadcast it to a huge, undifferentiated audience. They’ll probably ignore you!

Today the customer wields the ultimate power and you have to understand their needs and preferences, show you are in tune with their lifestyles, and demonstrate that fact by communicating appropriate messages via their channel preference.

As a brand agency at Truly Deeply helping our clients build an effective understanding of their customers is at the heart of what we do in building brand strategy, in giving the client a brand voice that reaches their customers…if you’d like to talk about how we can help in your situation why not give us a call.

Malcolm Harvey
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  1. Mal, I’m between phones at the moment. My new iPhone hasn’t started working yet and my old one is deceased. Until this morning I had no idea how integral my phone had become to my life. Brands that can connect with something so critical to the way I operate have a significant place in my personal brand catalog.

  2. Being a recent purchaser of my first iPhone, i became surprisingly aware of how many times I go to it throughout the day. I mean…it kind of disturbed me at the beginning. Accessing brands was seriously at the palm of my hands and I dived in!

  3. I agree Mal the nature of how we consume our media has changed so quicky. I have gone from being a phone is a phone, as long as it makes calls I’m happy, to, I wonder if there is an app that will know which app I want next.

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