Know Your Brand Niche, But Don't Know 'em Too Well

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You Can’t Handle the Truth – Brand Communications Gone Awry
We talk alot about brand authenticity, about the importance of brands to understand their market niche and to connect with them in a way that rings true. And nothing is more critical to a brand’s ability to connect meaningfully with their market than authentic relevance.

And it’s a big ‘however’ – compromising brand integrity in order to connect with your audience is like taking two steps forward and three (or more in this case) steps back. Whilst being LA’s Dopest Attorney might have seemed like a good brand positioning strategy on Sunday night as the weekend bender was going all hazy, in the clear light of day, printed in the mass media, its fair to say the consumer proposition is conflicting with the need for Allison’s brand to be authoritative, professional and respectable.

The again, maybe I’m missing something. I mean LA’s only attorney who can swing it so you get to smoke pot whilst on probation… and affordable too.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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Australia’s Dopest Brand Designer


  1. I agree David. When connecting with your brands audience, having an authentic relevance is extremely important in securing brand integrity. Thanks for the Thursday funny. ‘Want to smoke pot on probation’….how funny!

  2. Ha, excellent find David. I am half way through the second season of the Wire and I think there might be a few characters on that show that would love her services. Maybe she is tapping into a new market. The C.U.P.S, The Cashed-Up-Pot-Smoker.

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