Lego – A Grown-up Brand Obsession

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We Truly and Deeply Love Brand Obsession
Here at Truly Deeply we admire brand obsession – well to be more accurate, any obsession built around a passion that brings happiness is OK with us – no matter if it’s a little, well, antisocial. So when we came across this great talk on TED that gave us a glimpse into the world of grown-ups with Lego obsessions, we couldn’t help sharing it.

If the end-game for a brand is to create meaningful, passion-filled connections with its customers, then Lego must stand amongst the very best. Sure, Lego has a distinct advantage – millions of kids around the world get addicted to the stuff every year. I mean, how many brands get to begin their customer relationships in such a playful and intimate manner? How many brands are introduced lovingly by parents and grand parents around Christmases, birthdays and rewards? Lego starts with a great advantage – but to give them their due, whether it be new product designs, brand story telling, augmented reality packaging (if you haven’t seen this it’s well worth checking-out), bold brand experiences, or staying connected with their community, Lego knows how to be a world leading brand designer.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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Brand designer and lover of brand obsessions

Edit// Just had to add this Blocumentary on AFOL (Adult Fans Of Lego) //Admin


  1. Dave, hope you don’t mind i added the Blocumentary

    I have found myself sitting on the floor of my brothers sitting room. long after my nephews have found something more interesting to do, finishing lego models. Who doesn’t love lego? I used to get upset when other kids would build things with random block colours, must have been the designer coming out at an early stage.

    It is such an awesome brand, such a simple entry point and a lifetime of positive reenforcement and the brand extensions; robots, programming, games have been so well managed. Truly a Mega-brand

  2. I agree Reg. Lego have a long history of co-branding with films and other popular media to keep relevant. That form of merchandise relationship is not always easy for brands to get right – they need clarity and confidence around what they stand for in the hearts and minds of their customers.

  3. When in Sydney on a recent business trip I found myself with some free time so took a look at a couple of department stores in between meetings. Whilst in the store I ventured to the toy section and found myself completely mesmerised at how much Lego had changed since I was kid! A massive, massive brand that still to this day takes me back to my childhood! Thanks Dave, I’ve just added a few things to this year’s Christmas list – for my nephews of course!

  4. Nice one Domma. That’s part of what Lego has done so successfully as a brand, they have evolved with the times, stayed relevant to each new generation of customer whilst never losing the essence of what’s made Lego so wonderful from the start.

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