OPSM ‘Eye Love’ Brand Storytelling

OPSM has recently launched a new strategic brand platform and advertising campaign in Australia and New Zealand. The new brand story applied by OPSM is attempting to reconnect through brand storytelling with customers. The simple iconography and bright fun brand colours certainly do achieve this. The campaign celebrates ‘Eye Love‘ by portraying people in everyday settings “seeing what they love, and loving what they see”.


“OPSM cares for the vision needs of hundreds of people every day-it’s more than just selling glasses, its caring for the people behind them,” says Melinda Spencer, Vice President of Marketing for Luxottica, OPSM’s parent company.

“With that in mind, we decided to re-evaluate our brand story and reconnect with who we truly are as a brand.”

“The new brand story reminds our customers of the core values that OPSM has held since the launch of the brand. At OPSM, we care about more than just selling glasses. Care, service and quality really underpin everything that happens in our stores and this brand story really brings to life the passion and care of OPSM staff,” says Ms. Spencer.

The new OPSM design brings a fresh and contemporary feel to this type of design messaging and creates an overall design aesthetic which is quite appealing. From the simple logo lock-up, to the colored block design for the large format outdoor billboards, the entire brand roll-out looks very nice.

Developed by San Francisco based advertising agency Cutwater, this is definitely a fresh communication style for OPSM. As for the old logo you ask? Im not sure what the plan is, but OPSM have obviously shelved it for the moment on their homepage.

The new campaign ‘Loves Eyes’ did however stir some images in my mind of great design from the past. Either it was intended or not, a few great designers works popped into my head – Paul Rand’s ‘Eye Bee M’ and Milton Glaser and Bobby Zarem’s ‘I love New York’.

These 2 works are extremely iconic and have worked very well for IBM and New York City. Lets hope ‘Loves Eyes’ does the same for OPSM and sticks around for awhile, because I’m a fan.

Tim Wood
Design Creative


  1. Tim the TVC feels a bit stale to me. Seems a lot of brands love hitting things into the air or being carried away with balloons etc. But I do love the integration that takes place between the ad and the visual language they use in other formats. It is flexible and on brand. thanks for finding this stuff and feeding it to we mere mortals, always stimulating.

  2. Interesting campaign from OPSM Tim. As a brand designer I’m always taken by campaigns that are highly visual, and OPSM is certainly attempting to peg-out a palette of visual brand elements to turn them into brand assets. For me, brands who attempt to own an emotion as powerful as Love (is there anything more powerful?) need to be delivering something extraordinary in terms of brand experiences that positively add to people’s lives.
    Apple is a brand that comes to mind as an example of one who adds to their customers lives and whips up an emotional response anywhere near to Love. The thing about these brands is that they rarely need to use the word ‘love’ in their brand storytelling – either their customers feel they love them, or they don’t. As they sing in the classics: ‘You can’t hurry Love…”

  3. Carolin Dahlman

    So many brands use love, but in a clumsy way. I wish they could all understand it is not about saying the word love or using heart shaped symbols – to get customer love you need to ACT loving. As being a Love Coach and brand strategist I am guiding brands to TRUE love, and not just a fling… 🙂 Who is NOT using the word love in their marketing today…? It becomes very weak when over exposed, and not filled with actions.

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