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The thing that always strikes me about billboards as a medium for brand communications is how limited they are. They provide a relatively small brand canvas relative to the busy world around them, typically they have a small window of opportunity to connect with the passer-by, and a relative trickle of viewers compared to many of the traditional and new channels of brand communication. Yet, time and again, billboards bring-out the creative streak in brand designers and ad creatives. Maybe it’s the challenges the restrictions of outdoor provide; but as this great collection of creative outdoor brand experiences demonstrate, with a burst of creativity and a strong brand story to tell, every medium can shine.

Sure, some of these billboard designs are for big brands, but some are for smaller businesses for whom the investment of a high impact, localized brand message provides a great impact with the potential to launch them above their competitors in the minds of their potential customers.

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If you’d like to take your brand communications (indoor, outdoor, above the line, through the line, in the box or out of the box) to the next level, give us a call – you know you want to.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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Spotted by fellow member of the Linkedin Brand Management Group; Will Sherwood from the Sherwood Group in the US of A.


  1. Great collection of creative billboards Dave. What I find so interesting is brands who are willing to embrace a little creativity (more than likely for a little extra cost) they can transform their brand/product from being part of the pack to be truly remembered.

  2. The key question is not whether more people are more capable of being more imaginative as in these great examples… instead, it is why supposedly smart business strategists and decision makers force an environment in which most creative people reject their own best ideas because they know that the boss would never go with it! I do not think that cost is really an issue if the message gets delivered in a hugely more memorable punch!

  3. Thanks for your comment Jim. In my experience, a shared brand vision is the key to creating a successful creative environment where creative brand design can flourish. With so many benefits to the business to having a strong brand strategy, I’m amazed by clients (not ours of course) who don’t see the value in that investment.

  4. Reg, I think with brand design and communication, often we try to over intellectualize the ideal outcome of a brand simply ‘touching’ a customer – making them feel good. I was reading an article yesterday on the importance of ‘whimsy’ that was making the same point.

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