The Power of Sampling for your Brand

We are always reminding clients in the food and beverage industries of the power of sampling when they have a new product on the market. Get people to experience your product, never die wondering. It does not matter how good your food or beverage advertisement may be, there is no comparison with allowing consumers to have the complete sensory experience. If you are sampling the right customers and you have a great product with the right level of distribution, you have a high probability it will translate into sales.

Recently, waiting for a flight from Melbourne to Brisbane I was in the Qantas Club lounge, and instead of chasing down a beer (yes it was the evening!) I headed to a little stand where they were giving out Nivea shaving products. With a bald head that gets shaved every other day, I was truly their target market. I happy grabbed the shaving cream and a men’s after shave replenishment balm sample packs and dropped them in my bag for trial at a later time.

The rest is history. I am a devotee of the replenishment balm. Once my small sample pack ran out I was off to my local chemist to buy my own. It delivers a refreshing charge and a great scent. It has a sensory dimension that one just does not get from an advertisement. I appreciate that sampling can be expensive, from purpose packaging to the manpower to dispense the product, but if you have a product that stirs the senses, then stir the senses!

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist

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  1. Old school is new school. Pete, interesting how sometimes we lose favor with some of the techniques of brand building that have worked for generations and will work for generations more. Product sampling in the literal sense, but also as a concept for service brands provides great opportunities to take customers and clients on a ‘little journey’ and create fertile ground to planrt the seed of a relationship (not sure if that sounds biblical or pornographic).

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