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Freedom of Creation, the dutch product design company that specialises in 3D printing, has teamed up with the Khatt Foundation, a cultural foundation dedicated to advancing Arabic typography and design research, to create the worlds first truly three dimensional typeface.

The font, Kashida, is avaiable in both arabic and latin version. You can try it here, then order your word to be formed in 3D. That’s right, they actual create an on demand sculpture of the words. It’s a pretty pricy, for Truly Deeply it would cost over $800 to get it made and shipped. Still I’m tempted, it’s an interesting way to play with brand identity.

But it doesn’t really matter how many they sell the real benefit is the way this brings both brands to life. It brings Freedom of Creations abilities in 3D printing and just in time prototyping to a whole new market while artfully demonstrating the beauty and sophistication of Arabic typography. A brand win-win for everyone involved. More on the project here

Derek Carroll
Design Director and Typophile

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