Brandticipation – Does Your Brand Have It?

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Intense Brand Anticipation
Brandticipation is a term we’ve coined for the intense level of anticipation some brands are able to create in their loyal tribe of supporters

Apple are the Masters of brandticipation. Through a carefully choreographed campaign of media leaks, spin, brand communications product launch and distribution, Apple whip their brand fans into a frenzy for new product launches that see them lining-up outside stores for days in order to be an early adopter. High levels of brandticipation translate into increased initial sales of products, word of mouth buzz online and face to face, media coverage, brand loyalty and a carryover sense of positive anticipation for future product development, announcements and launches.

This pic was taken of the queue for the release of the first Apple iPhone (check the level of hysteria and the old technology mobile – it almost looks retro now).

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Here’s some video footage of the opening of the Norwich Apple store (keep watching to see what the fuss is all about):

And finally, perhaps the greatest tribute to brand yet (certainly one of the most amusing):

“I fell in love at the Apple Store. “I never felt like that before” – Priceless brand gold.

So as we head towards Christmas and just as quickly into 2011 – the question for all brand managers and owners is: What are you doing to create brandticipation for your brand?

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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Brand Designer and master of Brandticipation


  1. I would have to agree with you David. Apple are the Masters of brandticipation. Their brand communications and continued brand expressions/experiences continue to hold them top of the game. It also helps that they are backed up by an awesome product as well.

  2. Spot-on Tim, with Apple it’s tough to separate product from brand communication. A large chunk of the brandticipation they create is due to their track record of blowing people away with their game changing new products.

  3. I love the Apple brand. Everything the brand does is done with such excitement in their own slick way. I have never been to a store opening before but if I did it would be an apple store. Such a slick brand, they way they build their products to the way they advertise their brand.

  4. Brandticipation at its greatest David. That “I fell in love at the Apple Store. “I never felt like that before” is pure genius – just love the brand gesture! I also love your opening pic – now that’s what I call brand storytelling although I’m not so sure McDonald’s would agree.

  5. Thanks Domma, the pic is a ripper example of brandticipation alright. Another brand who deliver that heightened sense of anticipation for their brand experience is Four Seasons, which they achieve more through their product development than their brand communications.

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