Breakfast with deBono the Creative Thinking Genius

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“The purpose of creativity is to find better ways to do things and better things to do.”
With that the Master of lateral thinking; Edward deBono launched into an hour-and-a-half of the most remarkable breakfast discussion I’m likely to ever enjoy.

As a member and Board Member of EO Melbourne, I was fortunate to recently take advantage of the opportunity to breakfast with the great Edward deBono. As brand strategists and brand communications designers, we are constantly seeking to re-imaging the way we think about and create brands. We took a table of clients and business associates along to spread the love and share the experience. There had been suggestions that as he aged, deBono was losing some of the sharpness of his legendary mind – but I’m here to tell you that when it was show time, the master of lateral thinking performed, captivating an audience of over one hundred entrepreneurs and business owners with his depth and agility of thinking.

Over breakfast deBono delivered  a minefield of gems on thinking. Here are some of my personal highlights:

• We’ve done extremely little about thinking for 2400 years. We’ve created a culture for logical thinking, but we’ve never created a culture for creative thinking.

• Creativity is the ability to go back and restructure our thinking when new information arrives.

• Humor is by far the most significant system of the human mind, more significant than reason.

• Unless you can show some value for it it’s not creativity. Different is not creativity.

• 90% of the errors in thinking are errors in perception.

• The most important thing to learn is thinking. Teaching thinking, improves education process. We don’t currently teach our children thinking. Education is expensive babysitting. Schools should teach ‘now story’ not ‘history’. Universities should be teaching thinking skills and working skills, not teaching knowledge.

• The greatest thinking challenge is the ability to look at the status quo and block it to see what
else is possible.

• The environment isn’t the biggest issue facing the world, it’s the lack of Creative Thinking.

• Business needs to take creativity more seriously. Businesses need a CCO Chief Creative Officer – someone to set out training, processes, energy and goals to change the creative thinking of a business. Someone whose business it is to encourage the thinking. Someone senior enough to have access to the top level of the business.

• Intuition is powerful but most often ineffective.

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EO is a global organization of more than 7000 entrepreneurs, all owners of fast growth businesses. The Melbourne Chapter has around seventy members who own and run dynamic businesses across almost every industry. Learning events such as breakfast with deBono are just one aspect of how EO empowers its members. The event was held at the PWC offices in Southbank, Melbourne. PWC are a highly valued sponsor of EO Melbourne.

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