If I could talk to the animals….

There are Orangutan ads, and there are Orangutan ads. They can help to create connection with your brand or they can make you feel….. well weird. I find the two ads on TV at present polarising.

The Optus Orangutan ad is charming and beautifully simple in its concept. It makes me smile and it makes me like Optus that little bit more. It tells me they want to make me happy. It connects and enhances their brand. In the sense that it builds on a lot of investment in ‘animals’ it is on-brand.

Then there is  the ING Direct Orangutan

I dislike this ad. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Yes its orange and that’s always been ING’s colour, but why the extra from Planet of the Apes.

At its most damaging it makes me question the effectiveness of ING’s thinking and leaves their credibility diminished. It also leaves me struggling to comprehend the thought process (other than ‘ find me something orange’ ) that links to all the work ING Direct has done in the past.

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Malcolm Harvey  – fake Orangutangaphobic


  1. Hilarious Mal – but so true. We’ve had a conversation in our house also about ‘what’s with the ING orangutan?’ Yes they got the orange connection (sort-of), but I believe for a financial services/products brand, any question marks like these can certainly lead to a degree of dilution of expertise, authority and trust as a manager of my savings.

  2. Mal I am less squeamish about non-sencical animals selling product on prime time television. And I am not fan of orangutan, I think some of previous brand communication where far more successful at making ing look like a safe, smart and mature alternative to the “greedy banks”. But I would invite you to watch this Cadbury ad http://tiny.cc/xg15r and tell me if that Gorilla didn’t just sell you not only only the Top Deck, but the Fruit & Nut as well, without saying a word?

  3. David,

    I was a bit disappointed in them to be honest – as a financial services specialist I have 20 years experience judging communication in that space – and I think this one is a turkey….very seasonal, in fact has anyone thought of using….it really is a case of casting aside anything good from the past work.

  4. Ron,

    OK I agree the gorilla works – helped by a great backing track and a bullet proof product. Would it have worked if he was sitting in the lounge room explaining the glass and a half and that the nuts were all sourced from green sources……I doubt it.


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