The Portable Film Festival – Just Because it's Cool

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For Film Lovers Everywhere – The 2010 Portable Film Festival is Open!
The line-up features the best from both new, up-and-coming short filmmakers and established, high-profile personalities, there’s something in the rich program for everyone to love. This is all about the community engaging and helping determine the winners. The categories of music video, short film, documentary, art, animation and fashion film will each be determined by the number of views, plays and votes they receive.


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Music Video

Short Film

Go, watch and enjoy.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. I agree Tim. Portable is an example of where brand communications design and campaigns are converging with entertainment. We’re talking about content, and the best brands such as the recent blog we wrote on Absolute’s Spike Jones film is an example of where the line is becoming blurred – to the benefit of us all I think.

  2. HI David, I love the Portable Film Festival too. It is great to see how forward thinking brands involve themselves with content driven events to not only create positive associations with new customers but also help contribute to culture and artistic expression.

  3. A fantastic blog Dave! The one thing that I love about these festivals is the diverse brand storytelling and brand communications that are at play with one in particular grabbing my attention – Becks Music Inspires Art with DJ Cheeba. A definite ‘bookmarked’ site ready for some serious viewing and voting.

  4. Thanks Domma, I also like the way brand communications play-out so comfortably in the festival context. There isn’t the level of jarring their used to be once brands got involved. I think this is because brands are becoming genuinely interested in creative collaborations that create valued content.

  5. There’s so much content here Rach, I haven’t seen Untitled 2009 yet. I wonder which brands are missing a sponsorship opportunity here – the festival could connect beautifully with a range of brand communications campaigns.

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