Project Mag for iPad – Say Hello to the Future of Publishing

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Fresh out of the test labs, Project Magazine have released this demo of the iPad version of their culture/tech/design online zine, and what they’ve created is simply captivating.

As a designer of brand communication, I’ve gotta say this demo blows wide-open the potential to create engaging, targeted communications for the iPad demographic. As a channel for brand produced content, this format is a ripper, and who-else to capture the potential for their brand than Richard Branson. Project magazine is in fact a brand gesture for Virgin – another great example of an engaging and valued brand communication where the brand link is secondary to the task of adding richness and interest to the lives of their target market. It provides a wonderful canvas for brand story telling and brand personality expression.

Released two days ago, Project has quickly become the top free app in the iPad App Store and another successful brand expression for Virgin.


Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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Spotted on the Emotivator blog.


  1. Looks amazing David. I keep noticing that the big successful brands always seem to take advantage of new media. There seems to be a constant push for these brands to find new ways to communicate and connecting to new audiences. I would love to know how many people are using the ipad, and would love to know what the advantages are in embracing new media, even if there are only a small (compared to traditional media) amount of people using products like the ipad?

  2. Ron, the trend I’m seeing is towards brands moving to new ways of providing highly valued experiences in their own sake that are targeted to their markets. These experiences are more often subtly branded, and they don’t always reach a wide number of people in themselves. But if they’re remarkable enough they’ll generate a buzz and additional viral exposure like Project Mag for Virgin. Even though this is tough to measure in terms of increased brand equity, it is still a relevant brand communications play for these brands.

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