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Recently I came across the latest development of the Saks Fifth Ave brand identity visual language, and it was a great reminder for all brands to actively review all touch points to maximize the leverage opportunities you have for your brand communications.

Following last years ‘back to the future’ refresh of the Saks brand identity (as covered in our 2010 trend report on brand visual language), the creative folk at Pentagram have updated the secondary visual language, keeping the Saks brand fresh and current. Pentagram have been designing visual identities for brands for decades, and you don’t stay at the top of the tree for that long unless you’re seriously good at what you do. The latest visual assets designed for the Saks brand continue the retro style and have turned their communications into hard working traffic drivers.

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brand design agency Melbourne

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. This design by Pentagram actively seeks attention on all brand touch points. The black and white pattern accompanied by to-the-point brand messaging has a strong and potent attraction. The Saks Fifth Ave brand design by Pentagram keeps the design simple and strong. It’s great to see great designers sticking to what they do best.

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