Sleepless at Playground – A Bold Brand Idea

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A Bold Brand Experience.
Playground is a specialist retailer in hiking and outdoor equipment in Sweden. Based on the theory that hiking makes people healthier and more alert, they developed this awesome in-store brand experience to launch their online store, introduce new customers to the brand and drive sales.

The Big Brand Idea?
If hiking makes you more alert, how long can hiking athletes stay awake? Enter; ‘Sleepless at Playgound’ – a competition in staying awake. Staying awake competitions are nothing new, but it’s the conceptual link to their hiking brand proposition and the multitude of ways in which Playground engage their customers in the experience that take this brand gesture to the next level and ultimately lead to its success. As a concept Sleepless at Playground is the perfect vehicle for the brand personality, and to seed a multitude of brand stories. As a piece of crafted brand communication, the results speak for themselves.

Here’s a video that shows how it went and the remarkable outcomes. Once again we see the absolute business benefit of a big brand idea, executed through a remarkable brand experience. Nice one Playground.

If you’re staring to think about what your brand could be doing to make waves in your market like these guys, why not give us a call – you’ve got the brand and we’ve got the big brand ideas.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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Spotted by Josh Andres:


  1. I’ve seen some big brand gestures in my time but this one almost has to take the cake! As you mention Dave it’s the multitude of brand stories that are playing out and engaging customers (first timers and regulars) in so many ways!

  2. Thanks Tim, the trick I think is turning a brand gesture into an engaging customer experience. The customer refund if you back the winner concept was genius – especially as 75% of those refunds were spent in-store immediately.

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