Merry Christmas and The Santa Brand

Wishing you and yours a truly, deeply festive season from all of us.
It is that time of the year when the age old question is asked by children all over the world, do you believe in Santa?

Santa is an amazing brand in many ways. It heavily relies on a vast number of brand ambassadors from parents to department store Father Christmases to deliver the brand, whilst at the same time lacking authenticity as most of the world doesn’t actually believe in it.

Despite all this the Santa brand has brilliant storytelling, an instantly recognizable brand visual language, creates a powerful sense of brandticipation and consistency of brand experience – I don’t know about you but my December 25ths have a definite groundhog day feel to them.

The Santa brand continues to capture the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of people – perhaps making it the most powerful brand in the world. And with a share of the wallet estimated $450 billion plus of Christmas spending in the US alone each year, I’d love to see Interbrand calculate a value for Santa’s brand equity.

For those interested in the exercise of brand thinking with a touch of Ho Ho Ho, take a look at the Santa Brand Book from Quietroom we came across this week:

Here is an online presentation of the Santa Brand Book or you can also download the complete PDF.
Thank you to the Quietroom for bringing a little brand joy to the world.

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Cassandra Gill
Director of Design.

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