Top 10 Inspirational Brand Design Blogs

Top 10 Brand Design Blogs
A huge issue faced by brand designers like myself, is finding great brand design blogs, for inspiration and knowledge of current trends. The blogs content must hit the right cords not only visually but intellectually. Here at Truly Deeply we are forever celebrating and promoting creative talents and websites, so I thought I would put together a comprehensive list (in no specific order) of my top 10 brand design blogs.

Brand New
Brand New is a division of UnderConsideration. It provides unique and educated brand design opinions on corporate and brand identity work. Brand New focuses mostly on identity design but also looks at a modest amount of packaging. The majority of the time Brand New highlights before and after redesigns of company brand marks. It is very informative on current trends and brand mark releases.

The Dieline
The Dieline is dedicated to the progress of the package design industry and its practitioners, students and enthusiasts. Its purpose is to define and promote the world’s best packaging design, and provide a place where the package design community can review, critique and stay informed of the latest industry trends and design projects being created in the field.

Although The Dieline is as its title explains predominately a packaging website, The Dieline is a great source of creative inspiration and community based brand design information. It combines brand marks, brand visual language, brand expressions and brand personalities through package information. Continuously updated it is a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

QBN is a division of Krop which is a job board and career resource website for creative professionals. QBN website is a portal on which the creative community engages and communicates with each other. Although initially its soul purpose is to promote the creative industries current job listings, this creative website provides an infinite amount of creative links and inspirational brand design chit chat.

FFFFOUND! is a web service that not only allows a user to post and share their favorite images found on the web, but also dynamically recommends each user’s taste and interest for an inspirational image-bookmarking experience.

FFFFOUND is ultimately a image-bookmarking blog. Simple. But what FFFFOUND does is consistently…and I mean consistently burn and churn through alot of very unique and sometimes very obscure creative images. Providing links to everything a FFFFOUND user posts, FFFFOUND is a immensely layered brand design inspiration resource.

showcases international creative work. Eager to collect and share the best design work they come across, FormFiftyFive is a great source of links to spark creative ideas. FormFiftyFive keeps you up-to-date with what’s happening in the design community by providing a place where people can exchange and store ideas easily. Encouraging collaboration, FormFiftyFive brand design blog is more than just another design blog.

Similar to QBN in character and design, Computerlove is a website portal on which the creative community engages and communicates with each other about inspirational brand design. It communicates itself as a “exclusive network for awarded creative talents” and it sure does back this up in content. With several different sub categories like Static, Motion, Interactive, Culture…ect, it adds multiple layers on which a user can search.

MANYSTUFF wants to mirror a practice: the reflection of a landscape for which my tastes and daily favourites define the frame. Manystuff extends this activity of promoting the new graphic design scene by curating and publishing: staying ahead of the computer screen is one thing, but it seems essential to do a sensitive experiment of this discipline, of this practice, of these works.”

The unique and pleasing thing about MANYSTUFF is that the creative pieces posted are not often seen on the web and can be very unique. MANYSTUFF is a great source for inspiration on brand marks, publication design, curating, typography, photography and other unique visually pleasing things.

is a lot of fun! Fostering a community of creative people BOOOOOOOM has quickly become one of the largest blogs on the internet. Promoting categories such as, art, design, film, miscellaneous, music, photography, junk and more you can see that BOOOOOOOM has a plethora of brand design links, information and visual goodness.

Design You Trust
Design You Trust is a hourly-updated design blog and community, full of new design trends, design portfolios, design articles, photography, fashion, creative advertisements, architectural inspirations, video design and hand-picked design stuff from all over the globe. It is a stock standard creative blog, but there is nothing wrong with that in this case.

Lovely Package
Lovely Package is one of the leading sources of very best that package design has to offer. It has a comprehensive list of brand design categories that can create ideas on visual language, logo design and most obviously package design.

I hope you enjoy this list of my Top 10 Brand Design Blogs as much as I do. Another great brand design blog is obviously ours, but I didn’t want to blow our trumpet too much. So if you’d like to receive monthly brand design inspiration, click here

Tim Wood
Design Creative


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