Grand Slam Gold – Amazing Tennis Images from the Australian Open 2011

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Whether you’re a sports fan, tennis obsessed, or neither of the above, there’s something magical about the images from these world class events that combine the colour and movement of a big crowd and the athletic grace of the sportsmen and women. Tennis Australia have captured the spirit of the 2011 Open with this beautifully edited short film combining the most amazing moments of the tournament (check it after the jump)

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Photography by Ben Solomon and Getty Images.
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  1. It is quite a unique sport that you see such dramatic storytelling and personal journeys take place. A great example is “Our Kim” Clijsters. She has been well and truly adopted by us Aussies because we have been through a relationship, her career lows and highs with her. Great photography by Ben Solomon and Getty Images!

  2. Thanks Reg, You’re right about the colour of the court. If we think of the other Grand Slams, court colour is a differentiators – other than the US Open and the Aus Open with a similar surface and colour. With the US the original blue court, maybe the Aus Open missed a brand opportunity there.

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