IGNITE! Design Graduate Awards 2010 – Part 1

Truly Deeply Ignite Student Design Awards

Congratulations to everyone who entered the IGNITE! Design Graduate awards. We are again throughly impressed by the depth of talent from Australian Design Graduates. Unfortunately, last year’s competition was hindered by technical issues, which meant we could not receive everybody’s entries. So to be fair to all students that entered we decided that everyone is a winner. All entrants were given the opportunity to provide us with two of their best pieces of work, with links to their websites, to be showcased on our blog for the world to see their stuff.

Congratulations and massive pat on the back to all students who entered the IGNITE! awards, you all look like you have exciting careers ahead in the design industry.

Anne Dahlin

[email protected]
Billy Blue College of Design

Daniel Brokstad

[email protected]
RMIT University

David Fajardo

[email protected]
Holmesglen TAFE


  1. What a great opportunity you are giving these graduating students. I know when I was entering the design industry an opportunity to have some of my work displayed on an established design and branding agency’s blog would’ve been awesome!

  2. Some nice looking work submitted for your Design Graduate Awards. It is great to see that universities are still producing graphic design graduates with quality. I can’t wait to see the next installments of your post.

  3. Thanks David. It is always good to see what young designers are up to. Every year the talent gets better and better. We can certainly be assured that the future of Australian design is in safe hands.

    Thanks for your kind words on the flower type, but the flower type was created by Truly Deeply to promote the IGNITE! awards. (Blushing)

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