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Where else can you walk into work and the Director of Design, Derek Carroll has whipped up Huevos Rancheros for your breakfast. Muchas Gracias hombre! “Why is it so?” We call it Snack Day or sometimes I like to call it ‘Snackus Dayus’ the Greek God of sharing food. Staff members take it in turns to make, bake or create a snack to share with everyone, you’re given a $20 budget and away you go.

We’ve had some outstanding creations over the years with our resident foodie Rach delivering jaw dropping deserts and treats, we’ve snacked during great sporting competitions  – Dave’s Strawberries and Cream whilst Wimbledon was on, Lachy went for a 70’s classic once with his kabana, cheese and cocktail pickled onion on a toothpick very Don’s Party.  How could we forget Dom’s invention of putting a marshmallow between two Maire biscuits and microwaving it for 10 secs!!! We’re still getting great pleasure in giving Dom grief over that one as it has now been officially named worst snack day of all time.

Here are some images of our favorites, sorry for the quality of some of these images, most were taken by our phones;

Above: Huevos Rancheros by Derek Carroll

Above: Watermelon Cake by Emma Ferris and Anna Roszko

Above: Robot and Flower Cup Cakes by Rachel O’Brien

Above: Donut Machine by Rachel O’Brien

Above: Poached Pair in Saffron and Vanilla Bean by Rachel O’Brien

Above: Profiteroles with Pistachio Praline by Rachel O’Brien

Above: Sugar Overdose by Rachel O’Brien

Above: Trifle and Passion fruit Sponge Cake by Rachel O’Brien (hungry model Tim Wood)

That’s what we get up to whilst we’re delivering outstanding brand design outcomes for our clients, if you’d like to inquire about how you can get snack day up and running in your work place please give me a call,

Emma “Disco” Ferris
Studio Manager

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