Win the Window – An adidas Originals Brand Gesture

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Adidas Originals in Australia are running this sweet brand gesture campaign – Win the Window – which blows the concept of window shopping through the roof.

Win the Window gives customers the chance to win the contents of a merchandised window from an Originals Concept Store – we’re talking retro boom-boxes, seventies furniture, gadgets, games, and hard to find records and of course loads of Originals product. What I like about this brand gesture is the direct connection between the brand image (store window design) and driving customers into store to buy. Nothing pulls quite as strong as knowing someone’s going to win the loot – so it might as well be you.

The brand promotion’s happening at Pitt St & QVB stores in Sydney, Chadvegas in Melbourne, Rundle Mall in Adelaide and the Cavill Ave store on the Gold Coast. For more info hit the adidas site here. If you win it, you owe me that retro adidas striped top on the right.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. Thanks Tim, where I think the smarts is – is in the visual merchandising design. The concept isn’t nearly so powerful a piece of brand communications with a plain-old window filled with mannequins and stock – it’s the treasure trove of unique and aspirational 70’s gear in the window that is both ‘0n-brand’ for originals and where the magic is for the customers.

  2. Thanks Reg. One thing adidas do really well is claim their heritage as you point-out, whilst remaining relevant and current. That’s got to be a tricky balancing act, and one made possible by the ongoing retro-cool of the 70’s. The challenge for adidas will be when the 70’s era goes on the nose as it may-well at some point – how do they re-frame their heritage then?

  3. What a great example of a unique brand gesture. As you mentioned, its a clever brand execution of the window design while also attracting customers into the store. The retro adidas striped top is yours if I win!

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