Your Brand Image Is An Asset Worth Investing In

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What’s your Brand Image saying about Your Business?
A graphic reminder that the investment you make in your brand image today, builds a valuable business asset for tomorrow. There’s something intangible about brand image that means it is often seen as less critical to the business than other business drivers. A quick comparison of the most valuable businesses in the world and the most valuable brands in the world will show an alignment that clearly suggests investment in brand image should be seen as a necessity for all businesses – Apple being a case in point as both the most valuable tech business and the most recognizable tech brand in the world. In it’s most simple terms – how you present your business to the world through each and everyone of your brand touch-points is creating an image in the minds of your market. The big question is – what image do they have of your brand?

I don’t know about you Charlie, but I wouldn’t be going on that tour – not for all the free chocolate in the world.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. Thanks Urika, nice to hear from you. That’s an interesting sounding name you have. Glad you got some good value from the article, it was indeed meant as a thought starter for anyone who owns or manages brands and their images.

  2. As mentioned in your article Dave, brand image plays such a crucial role in any business. Many businesses I feel miss the mark on successful brand communication and brand experience – which results in missed opportunities. And yet on the other hand… so many get their brand image right!

  3. It’s an interesting one Rachel, because we immediately and naturally remember the brands who are experts at managing their image. The question is; ‘how many other brands are failing to meet their potential because they’re not investing in building an effective brand image?

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