A Masterclass in Passion – the Currency of Brands

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When it comes down to it, we are Purveyors of Passion
In many ways, we work in the passion field. It’s our role to connect brands with passion in the hearts of their consumers through beautifully design and crafted and strategically targeted brand communications. Its a conversation we haveĀ  with clients on a weekly basis – how and where do we tap-into the hearts of your customers?

We know that once a customer feels passionate about as brand, they become a member of the community that when large enough provides the brand the momentum it requires for success. Passion is the pot of gold at the end of the brand communications rainbow.

But are we kidding ourselves?

Can brands ever really whip-up the kind of passion we reserve for the life events that truly touch our hearts and fill us with joy? Perhaps the kind of rapture captured in this clip is only a pipe dream for most brands and a reminder that the place we give to brands in our hearts does not necessarily displace those things most important to us. It seems to me our hearts manage brand love in a sophisticated an appropriate manner after all.

As the guy says: “Oh My God! Woooaaaah. Yeah”.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Creator of Brands & Double Rainbow Believer
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    • Thanks Dominic, Great to hear from you. You make a powerful point, the word passion is becoming dulled through empty and over use. If you are going to talk passion, then you need to make sure you’re delivering it through you brand experiences in a remarkable manner.

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