Beatbox Burgers – a Brand with Balls

So what is it that makes one brand stand out from the others?
In the world of burgers there are a million different brands in the market place. A few giants like Macky-Ds and Burger King stand out with their mega-marketing budgets. Some like Lord of the Fries stand out with their brand personality and unique product offer (you just gotta try the Canadian cheese gravy). And for the other 2,999,997 burger businesses, the big question is: what’s your differentiated point of difference?

A Small Brand with a Big, Bold Personality
If you haven’t met already, I’d like to introduce you to Beatbox Kitchen. For a start, Beatbox is mobile – not mobile like an ap on your iPhone, old school mobile, like it’s a burger store that drives to where the burger eaters are – not the other way round. The Beatbox Burger menu is short but sweet – featuring a Raph burger with grass-fed beef, a Shroom burger (mushrooms) for vegetarians, and fries with “stereo” sauce, ice-cream brownie sandwiches and sweet chai shakes. Nice.

But the most defining feature of the brand is the van itself, which you probably noticed already was shaped like a ghetto blaster, complete with ‘ejecting’ tape deck service windows and creative custom detailing by partner-in-crime, Melbourne artist Beci Orpin. To find wqhere the van is going to be at any time, you’ve got to follow Beatbox via Twitter, or on the website. Beatbox Kitchen has made a habit of turning-up at summer music festivals like Meredith and Falls and has attracted a loyal (and salivating) bunch of beat box, burger-loving followers.

Although all brands want to stand-out in their market, it’s only those with the courage to do something different from the pack that are successful.

As burger brands go, Beatbox has hit three differentiating home runs:
01. The pop-up, mobile format supported by social media connects with the way their market rolls.
02. The menu is still authentic burger but with some tasty unique twists
03. The brand image – the name and unique
visual language of the van design mean Beatbox will always stand out from the fast-food crowd.


Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Creator of Brands & Big Burger Fan
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  1. That’s pure beef’n genius! Love the simple brand communication but has to be said a hell of a lot of work has gone in to this venture! The visual language and the way he’s so passionate about the product offering is just so cool!

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  3. Great example of a bold and innovative brand Dave, especially in such a competitive fast food market. I love that it is a food brand experience that is mobile. Its sort of a modern take on the old Gelati Vans – hopefully with better tunes!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. This example of brand innovation seems to have really hit the mark. There’s something about this brand communication that captures ‘cool’ – a tough essence to master, but hugely valuable in terms of aspiration if you can nail it.

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