Beautiful type fires up language brand

I had another post in mind for today about how a mega brand is created, but then I saw these videos on Fast Company and that took a back seat. The videos combine two of my favourite things: travel and type. They are told with a visual richness that gave me flashbacks to my last trip to Europe, re-awoke my wanderlust and fired a desire to learn French that teachers never could.

These beauties were created for language learning company EF by cinematographer Niklas Johansson and designer/art director Albin Holmqvist. Niklas’s cinematography brings to life the adventure and excitement of travel, while Albin’s beautiful type frames it with the joy of a new language in a way that is bigger than the offer. It’s what all great brands do, they don’t just push there own offer, but rather, position themselves as champions for an ideal. As a brand communications these tick so many boxes for a company whose brand essence must be based in the joy of language and the confidence of education. While the visual style is very current and the cast are all pretty young things there is an emotional charge that is ageless.

Just watching these you’ll pick up a few phrases that’ll help on your next holiday and might be your first steps to speaking another language. They are a joy to behold and I challenge anyone to watch them and not dream about ordering a romantic dinner in a new language.





Derek Carroll
Director of Design is planning his next holiday

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  1. Great find Derek. The age old saying “Sex Sells” is absolute true for this piece of brand communication. Sexy people, sexy type and all wrapped up in being footloose, fancy free and meeting that mysterious handsome stranger… Got me!

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