Brands Must Surprise & Delight – President Obama Style

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A Lesson in Brand from President Obama

I recently came across this footage of a press conference from the White House. It’s a great reminder of how powerful it is when a familiar brand surprises us with a gesture that whilst being on-brand is unexpected. The surprise element allows the gesture to take the brand relationship to another level of connection. It goes without saying, authenticity remains the key, the surprise must be on-brand and believable.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Creator of Brands & Big Fan of Surprises in all Shapes and Sizes
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  1. Some great editing has been done on this video, but it is definitely very funny. It would be great however for big personality brands to surprise people like this sometimes. As you state Dave authenticity is the key. When brands excite and do unexpected things with authenticity, people are ingrained with a personal experience and are more likely to tell someone, who will tell someone, who will tell someone. Thanks for the Monday funny!

  2. You’re welcome Tim. Businesses of all sizes get caught-up in the demands of just delivering their products and services day-in and day-out – everyone needs a reminder now and then of the importance of creating these memorable brand connections.

  3. That’s great David! I wasn’t sure where on earth it was going until of course the surprise. Love a great ‘surprise and delight’ and agree with Tim’s sentiments in terms of big personality brands needing to head down this path from time to time. Still laughing!

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