Focusing your Brand's Communications – A Lesson for every Tom, Harry and Dick

Focusing your Brand Communication.
Whether you’re managing the budget of global brands with mass market appeal, or attempting to position a small business in your local market, focusing your brand’s communications is more critical than ever. As markets fragment, the importance of having absolute clarity around your audience, how and where they live their lives has become equally important for all businesses and their brands large and small.The four critical steps to brand communications focus are:

Step 01. Getting your message right
What brand proposition will both appeal to your customers and differentiate you from your competition?

Step 02. Saying the right things to the right people
Who are the absolute influencers for your product or service’s purchasing – who makes the critical decision?
Now, how well do you know them? – where they live, what they do, how they socialize, what they read, where they shop – immerse yourselves in the lives of your audience.

Step 03. Designing your brand communications in the right visual language
As the world has become busier and busier and we are all bombarded with more and more messages everyday, we seek visual cues that position a message as either of interest, or to be filtered as junk. The right visual language design for your market greatly increases the chance of your brand communications making a positive connection with your audience.

Step 04. Delivering your message in the right place at the right time
The all-important final step is brand communication delivery. Finding the right time and place to deliver your brand message into the life of your customer is where the greatest opportunities lie. If your competition is advertising in the local paper, then look for different opportunities to connect with your customer.

As the pic above illustrates so graphically, if our friend Scott happened to be the starring quarterback, and in the stand were his fiance, friends and family – this message would almost certainly achieve what we in the industry call ‘cut-through’. Sorry for the pun Scotty.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Creator of Brands & big Fan of Inappropriate Signage
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