Lady Dior and the 5 Golden Rules to Beautiful Brand Storytelling

Rich & Evocative Brand Stories
Some brands, especially those in the premium end of the B2C market have really grasped the value of building rich and evocative stories around their brands.

The finest of their craft blur the line between advertising campaign and engaging entertainment – an incredibly rich place for brands to play. Dior have been slowly building a beautifully layered brand story on You Tube, displaying their skill and style in this brand communication channel.

Brand storytelling of this caliber allows for messages of brand personality, brand positioning an of-course the all important product placement to be liberally woven throughout the narrative as the brand is the story and the story is the brand. Directors of note around the world have been lining-up to explore these new creative/brand collaborations due to the potential for creative freedom they offer and their relatively lucrative nature. We’ve previously written about ‘I’m Here’ a short film by director Spike Jonze in partnership with Absolute Vodka – a collaborative creative and brand project worth checking-out.

Five Golden Rules to Brand Story Telling
There are as many ways to tell a brand story as there are brand stories to be told. Here are five golden rules for businesses of every size to telling your brand story:
01. Relevance

The brand story needs to be both relevant to your brand and to the lives of your audience. Your brand is there to serve your business, and your brand story’s role is to serve your brand. You must have clarity around your brand’s market proposition, and this must form the foundation for any piece of brand story telling.
02. Entertainment
Brand story telling is not advertising – it cannot be seen as another opportunity to talk about your products and their attributes. First and foremost, the opportunity here is to provide entertainment to the lives of your market.
03. Authenticity
As with all brand communications, your brand story telling must ring true. If your product is not premium, then you cannot wrap it in the type of story that Dior creates. Your brand’s story must connect with absolute honesty and authenticity.
04. Opportunity
Look for the opportunities to tell your story. Every brand is the end product of a thousand tiny gestures it delivers every day. From the sign of the sidewalk in front of a small store to the email that is sent to customers after an on-line purchase, seek out every opportunity to tell some part of your brand story to your customers.
05. Memorability
If the story’s not memorable, it’s not worth telling. Surprise and delight your customers with something unexpected, charming or insightful – try to add value to their lives and in turn you’ll become more connected and more highly valued as a brand to them.

In the battle to attract attention and win the hearts and minds of ever cynical and attention-poor customers, being the entertainment rather than placing adds in the middle of it is where the opportunities for brand relevance increasingly lie.

But not all brand storytelling needs to be as Hollywood as these examples. Every brand, big or small has hundreds of opportunities for brand story-telling every day. UK Cafe chain Puccino’s has built their brand around presenting humorous, little messages on everything they produce from napkins to their disposable coffee cups, even their sugar sachets. Every brand, no matter what the size needs to be actively refining their brand story and taking every possible opportunity to tell it.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Creator of Brand Stories
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