OK Go – Building Brand Brilliance through Video Clips

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Video Clip can be Brand Assets too
US Band OK Go have built their reputation on not just great tracks, but on great video clips to go with them. The band provide a great reminder that for every brand, understanding your unique touch points and how to leverage them to create high value brand assets adds huge upside for success. OK Go are an example of a brand in the entertainment industry understanding and making the most of the mediums available to them, their You Tube channel has tens of millions of hits and is so popular it creates its own advertising revenue. Whether their music talent is driving their fame and interest in their videos, otr the other way round is debatable, but what is unarguable is that OK Go’s unique style of video clip is now a highly valuable part of their brand image.

I was first taken by the now iconic ‘treadmill’ video and it’s grown from there, almost every clip rich with the band’s unique visual language becoming a You Tube phenomenon in its own right, spreading virally through the web of social media.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. Hi Robert, it’s when you see a few clips together that your realize the extent to which their approach to video clips is part of OK Go’s brand signature. As far as bands go they certainly understand brand communications well.

  2. Thanks Rachel, this personal brand connection has always been a part of the pop-star phenomenon. The difference is these days the channels available and more importantly the sophistication of the way some bands like OK Go leverage their brand has improved exponentially. These days if you’re in the music industry and you just wait for the fame to happen – you might get your 15 seconds of fame – but will anyone be watching, and will anyone remember?

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