Top 10 Inspirational Typography Design Blogs

Top 10 Typography Design Blogs
Recently in a blog I published ‘Top 10 Inspirational Brand Design Blogs’, I mentioned a huge issue faced by brand designers like myself, the difficulty of finding great brand design blogs for inspiration and knowledge of current trends. In the wake of that article I have had numerous requests and queries on which are my favorite typography design blogs going round. So since I am a man of the people, I have put together a list of my top 10 inspirational typography design blogs and websites in no particular order, enjoy!

Friends of Type
Friends of Type
features original typographic design and lettering – strong fresh visual content – practically every day. The thing I enjoy the most about Friends of Type is that posts don’t over indulge on each great piece of typography shown. It is what it is. A piece of beauty.

Just so we are all the same page, this is not a blog. Letmans work is artform and a craft. His personalised style reflects his personality of quirky and fun. Here is a exert from Letmans website which pretty much sums up this wonderful talent.

“He is cuckoo about letters, he loves them, so far is certain. He is also one of those fellows who can read a chunky novel in a couple of hours, but that’s a different story. His designs are transparent, leaving room to breathe. Them letters got things to say, they are so clear it tickles your eye and make you blink. What is this colourful craft ? Letman’s letters are curious. His handmade style fits the boundries of typography like a universe on itself by lashing out to illustration, graffiti and graphic design. Letters are free entities to him. They are clear and cunning. Together they stand strong.”

Ministry of Type
The Ministry of Type is a blog by Aegir Hallmundur which provides a absolute passion for all things about type, typography, lettering, calligraphy and other related things. The Ministry of Type has huge variety of detailed blogs with lots of links. If you have time to read about typography, I highly recommend it.

Alex Trochut
Based in Barcelona, Alex Trochut’s illustrations, designs and typography are vibrant and wonderfully unique. Alex Trochut’s client’s include the likes of Nike, The Rolling Stones, Nixon, British Airways and Coca-Cola so you can see immediately that he is a sort out typographical master.

Type for you
Type for you is simply a blog about typography. Managed by Pedro Serrão and João Planche it comments on current trends and newly released fonts.

Typography Served
Typography Served is a collection of sites that showcase category-specific content from the Behance Network (the world’s leading platform for creative professionals across all industries). Projects featured on the served sites are selected by our curatorial team. It is a great resource for fresh new work from leading creative individuals from around the world.

Luke Lucas
Luke Lucas typographic designs are pure eye candy that you can eat with your eyes.

I love typography
It exists because John Boardley has a passion for typography, type design, and lettering. A comprehensive typography blog with information to burn.

Typography Daily
This blog is published by Mirko Humbert, a graphic and web designer from Switzerland. Typography Daily is a simple blog with quick information, pictures and links.

Jules Vernacular
The Jules Vernacular is a typographic selection of found type. A huge collection of typography usually photographed in the street.

I hope you enjoy this list of my Top 10 Typography Design Blogs as much as I do. If you’d like to receive some monthly inspiration, click here

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