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As advertising and brand communications design blurs into content and merges with brand story telling, we the consumer get to sit back and enjoy the show. In the current stand-up slug-fest between the sports brand, adidas have just delivered the latest hay-maker with this cool clip (see it after the jump).

The clip was shot by Romain Gavras, known for his work with the Parisian electro outfit ‘Justice’ and pop-provocateur M.I.A. The track is previously unreleased ‘Civilization’ – the first track off the yet to be released new Justice album. The shoot features Los Angeles band The Like, DJ legends Medhi, Busy P and A-Trak, hip-hop star B.o.B, Dennis Busenitz and the adidas Skate Team, Katy Perry, fashion designer Jeremy Scott, footballers David Beckham and Lionel Messi and Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose.

Talk about lining-up the cool kids. It’s the first time in adidas’ history that every face and side of the brand has been brought together in one place to represent a snapshot of the brand.

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  1. Adidas is all in! This new clip created by Adidas is such a strong piece of brand communications and storytelling. It captures and shows us the ‘hype’ that can be wrapped around brand ambassadors such as Derrick Rose and Katy Perry.

  2. Tim, so many of these sports/lifestyle brands have the star brand ambassadors, and they have the cool clips and use the latest music – what adidas have done here is weave it so neatly into one piece of evocative brand communication. So often the brands keep the treads separate.

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