How Poor Service Damaged the Lamborghini Brand

Few Things Damage a Brand’s Reputation Faster than Poor Service
An angry Lamborghini owner in China has vented his frustration with the Italian prestige auto brand by employing a team of sledgehammer-wielding men to destroy his car.

The Chinese businessman was reportedly so disappointed by the quality of the service he received at an authorized Lamborghini mechanic on his US$650,000 Gallardo supercar he decided to have it destroyed in a very graphic protest of brand disappointment.

Whilst we can’t all afford a supercar to trash, we can all relate to the sense of being let-down by the poor service a brand has provided – especially when expectation levels of ultra prestige brands are set so high. Unfortunately for Lamborghini, this unhappy punter had a penchant for the headline grabbing dramatic, turning what may have been a letter of complaint into a global news story, trending Twitter topic and You Tube hit.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Creator of Brands.
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  1. It’s amazing that a luxury brand did not go the extra mile to help this customer especially given the digital landscape we live in today. I’m just about to publish a blog post about how brands need to do just as much or more offline with their customers given the new online world. This is a great example of how powerful social/digital are–thanks for posting David!

  2. Cassie, I like your thinking. Short term solution – turn the negative press into positive. The long term solution is tougher – ensure their third party service suppliers truly reflect the standards of the brand.

  3. Thanks Wendy, as we engage further with the ‘outsource economy’ brands are forgoing immediate responsibility for delivering their brand experiences. This is a complex example of poor service being delivered not by the premium brand, but by their third part partners. I this case the rather graphic dissatisfaction is directed at the brand rather than the service provider. Ouch.

  4. Tim I feel your pain. The web has created an immediate and potentially wide reaching source for customers to express their dissatisfaction with brands. I guess this demonstration shows if you have the cash you can make an even bigger splash.

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