How to brand a landmark

Regular readers will already be familiar with the recent innovations taking place in the world of pop-up retail/brand experiences, from the beautifully evocative Cognac brand Martell, to the brand with balls Beatbox Burgers. A recent commission by appliance specialists Electrolux is about to be launched – a portable dining experience. The Cube restaurants will be popping up on a series of landmark sites across Europe over the course of 2011, starting with a placement on top of the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels, Belgium. The aim is to create a brand experience that surprises and inspires guests with fantastic tastes and never-before-seen views, ultimately stimulating them to explore their own creative boundaries next time they entertain friends or family at home.

The Cube is an ephemeral restaurant, an exceptional place, a unique opportunity to experience “dining with a view”.
It is outstanding as far as cuisine is concerned, an ideal demonstration of Electrolux’s know-how. The Cube is a unique architectural performance. Not only due to the place where it is set up, but also through its design: an organic and translucent place, a digest of technology.

“The Cube by Electrolux will offer guests wonderful, exclusive cooking and food experiences.” says Neil Gannon, Director of Marketing expertise at Electrolux “Whilst guests enjoy the evening, we also want to give them the opportunity to interact and learn from the professionals we work with being the trusted supplier of many top-chefs
and fashion specialists. Showing their professional shortcuts we want to show people it doesn’t have to be difficult
or expensive to create great experiences as long as you have the right tools.”

The Cube will feature a different hand-picked resident chef, with an audacious technique and unlimited inventiveness,
at each venue and will offer tailor-made recipes using locally sourced ingredients and all prepared on state-of-the-art Electrolux appliances. When guests first arrive the 140sqm space will be open for entertaining and some great sight seeing, especially from the external platform. When dinner is served the concealed dining table will drop from the
ceiling so as to sit the 18 guests before being raised again for after dinner drinks and mingling.

If you’d like to talk to some people who spend way too much of their life eating, sleeping, thinking about brand
give us a call.

Cassandra Gill
Director of Design.


  1. Nice post Cassie. I love the thought behind this brand gesture, that by bringing new and rich experiences to customers, offering them a fresh perspective on their cities and their lives, Electrolux will imbue their own brand with a similar sense of fresh perspective. A fascinating way to invite customers to view the brand and their offering with fresh eyes.

  2. That is one hell of a big bold brand gesture and what I’d give to be a part of just one event! The other thing I really like about incredible gesture is letting your imagination run wild, just think of all the places you could have ‘your’ dinner.

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