Red Bull Memorable Brand Experience

Get a man to jump off a building…why not?

When Red Bull became legal to sell in Denmark the company marked the occasion by getting World Champion Cliff Diver Orlando Duque to jump off the Copenhagen Opera House. This event was some time ago yet I had to comment on how I admire Red Bull for continuing to push the boundaries with extreme brand experiences. By creating memorable brand experiences for people, Red Bull implants the audience something they can feel. A connection, an emotional experience and a personal adventure.

See more pictures and a video after the jump.

Tim Wood
Design Creative

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This great brand experience was found at ‘Spotted by Normann Copenhagen’.


  1. Great find Tim! Red Bull are always pushing the boundaries in more ways than one and this is certainly no exception! Great brand experience, big brand personality and a brand voice that’s screaming from the roofs – especially in Copenhagen in this instance!

  2. Love this brand gesture Tim. Apart from owning the international sport of Extreme Flying, Red bull also understand how to make a splash in each individual market. Kudos for their bold attitude to brand building.

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