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Excuse the Pun
Our precious little corner of South Melbourne in Australia is something of a hot spot for houses of ill-repute – yep, we have more than our share of knock shops in the neighborhood. One of the locals is Gotham City, House of Sin – who recently reminded us of the critical role brand communication plays in business success no mater which segment of the market you’re in.

Last week I snapped this pic of one of the Gotham City fleet of vehicles and couldn’t help but be impressed by the attention to brand detail. Yes the van is on-brand, as is the matte black spray job and graphics – but it was the number plate that demonstrated these guys are not just serious about late night pleasure – but also about building their brand.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand Obsessive
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  1. You’re right Kim. By leveraging their brand personality (or perhaps just a naturally lewd mind) these guys keep it real and build the brand. ‘Gotham’ or ‘*Sin*’ would pale into corporate boredom next to 69•EER

  2. Thanks Anne, we do get pretty obsessive about brand. The thing with natural brand thinkers though is it’s less of an obsession and more of a natural extension of the way they work. Either way, the results are always gret to see.

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