Target's Super-sized Brand Theatre Production

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A Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular.
Recently department store brand Target made a huge splash in NYC with the launch of their Fall fashion line. Not content to be just another rat in the pack, Target created this bold brand gesture to let everyone know what was going down.

Target transformed all 155 rooms on the south side of New York’s Standard Hotel into a truly spectacular indoor/outdoor, audio visual show including 66 dancers choreographed to LED lighting, whilst models strutted the season’s wares on a multi-story catwalk on the street below.

The 20-minute show was set to an original soundtrack by Squeak E. Clean, aka Sam Spiegel, performed by an impressive 30-piece orchestra and 10-person chorus. Viewers who could see the show but were not close enough to hear the music could call into a special number for the audio, and for those not in town, Target also featured the event on its Facebook page – leveraging the social media channel with aplomb. Yes, the show would have cost some big bucks, and no this scale of brand gesture investment is not for every business, but it’s refreshing to see a low-end fashion retail brand like Target making a big brand statement and leverage buzz into intelligent and strategic brand communications.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Kaleidoscopic Brand Designer
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  1. Great to see Target doing a fun and exciting brand experience of this scale. Too often brands leaders talk themselves out of doing something adventurous and unique like this. I think it really shows a maturity and confidence in a brand if done successfully. Very nice.

  2. Big bold brand gestures equal big bucks and this is no exception. Great to see a low-end fashion brand making such a huge brand splash which makes me wonder, what would your high-end fashion brands be thinking when they saw this?

  3. Target have always been, to me, a bargain fashion retailer. I wonder what this means for target, having made such a big and glitzy brand gesture, does it symbolise there will be a shift in their brand focus.

  4. Target has been doing some great things for the brand lately – mixing high-end designers with the a low-end fashion retail brand and now this brand gesture. What a great way to show its competitors that it is a forward thinking leader in the market.

  5. Thanks guys, a great bunch of comments. As Cassie points out, Target have been making great strides to inject a genuine fashion forward layer of meaning to their retail brand, especially in the US. This gesture is one part of that greater brand positioning campaign. As the other comments here demonstrate, re-positioning a lower-end, fashion follower brand into a leader is not an easy task, and even with brand experiences like these, there is much work still to be done. We say; keep it up Target – love your work.

  6. A bold piece of brand theatre! A great expression of Target connecting to their consumers on another level. Its visually appealing, creative, colourful and certainly sets the mark for innovative brand experiences in the retail market.

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