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Capturing the Spirit of your Products
Like small retailers the world over, the Piedmont Piano Company faced the brand communication challenge of standing out in their market and connecting with their potential customers. Their solution was music to the ears of their target market.

Pianos are not what could be defined as a casual purchase with price tickets of more than $1,000. As a piano store, making sure you’re in the consideration set for a potential customer, and then staying there throughout a lengthy pathway to purchase is a huge challenge. How does a one store retailer make the sort of emotional connection that is not only enduring, but evocative enough to give you the edge when it comes time to buy a piano? The Piedmont Piano Company, a family owned business in the San Francisco Bay Area have created a magical piece of brand theatre that does exactly that.

Every month the Piedmont Piano Company transforms their store into a concert space, holding intimate piano recitals for 40-50m people featuring performances from local and international musicians. Brilliant! With this gesture the Piedmont Piano Company has reinforced their brand position as the passionate tribal leaders of their community of piano lovers – their store becomes the meeting place for their community, and the brand has become the conduit not just for buying pianos, but for their piano listening pleasure. Another great example of small brands leveraging their personality and flexibility to advantage.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Director of Brand Theatre
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We spotted this lovely little brand experience example on Jack Morton’s blog.


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