Wine Brand Design – The Seven Deadly Sins

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Wine Packaging Design – The Seven Deadly Sins.
Standing out on the shelves of bottle shops in any market is one of the great design challenges of our times. In terms of packaging design, the limited scope of wine bottle shape and form when combined with the sheer number of wine brands competing for customer attention makes visual differentiation a tough task.

One solution to the challenge is to develop themes such as this Seven Deadly Sins Range. The vineyard developed a series of wines inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins where the design of the bottles reflect each one of the sins visually. The result is a stand-out presence sure to give the brand an unfair advantage in any marketplace – a ripper piece of visual brand communication.

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Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Creator of Brands and Enjoyer of the odd fine drop
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  1. Hi Anne, you hit the nail on the head – the very best brand communications are those which deliver on the bottom line for the brand, either short term such as packaging, or long term such as brand culturalization.

    • What a stunning piece of visual brand communications! I imagine sales for the gold bottle will be particularly high, especially for anyone looking for a gift. The bottles are also sure to be kept long after they have been polished off and displayed in homes as visual pieces adding extra weight and longevity to the brand.

  2. Such rich and evocative visual brand communication. You are so right also David when you say, “the result is a stand-out presence sure to give the brand an unfair advantage in any marketplace”, that’s the side of the fence you always want to be on.

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